Head of Market Access, Nordic

We are seeking candidates for a very exciting position where you are responsible for building the Market Access function in a fast growing pharmaceutical company. The overall purpose is to support the Nordic business by the development and execution of Market Access (MA) strategy for Speciality business. The position involves responsibility at Nordic, national and regional level, but initially the focus will be on Sweden at the national level.

The challenge:

  • A proven high performance and actionable market access expert with ability and eagerness to bring national and local expertise into the company and towards key customers. A person willing to take full responsibility to make Specialty medicines accessible without delay.

You must have:

  • strong commercial mind-set and actively seek challenges and opportunities to develop

  • good knowledge of the environment at hospitals, the healthcare sector and county councils

  • proven and significant experience from Market Access in pharma on regional, national or Nordic level.

You must be:

  • capable of working effectively in a team, focused on getting the job done, roll up sleeves, does not care about prestige

  • capable to set up high goals for her/himself and works hard to obtain them. Is motivated and work focused and actively seeks challenges and opportunities to develop.

The office is located in Öresund region.

Further information and application:

Mats Haeger, 076-872 74 44 alt. mh@bondi.se