Investor Relations Director - Stockholm

We are looking for an Investor Relations (IR) Director to a pharma company in Stockholm. The company is listed on the Swedish stock exchange and the investor community is expanding due to the company progress and success. Therefore the company is adding a new position as Investor Relations Director to take responsibility for the following activities:

  • Communicate progress and financial data, as required by authoritories, in a proactive manner.
  • Educate the audience and increase the awareness of the benefits of the product portfolio in financial terms.
  • Provide up-to-date information about the company’s operations, financial statements to current and potential shareholders, as well as third-party equity research analysts. The material given may include quantitative financial documents such as annual/quarterly reports, but also qualitative information such as the company’s business model and strategic direction. Information is regularly disseminated through sections of the company’s website dedicated to IR, but also through events such as press releases and shareholder meetings.  
  • Communication is also a two-way, the IR is also responsible for forwarding input from significant stakeholders of the company to management. 
  • Data analysis, presentations and data visualization. Data analysis refers to any tasks that involve interpreting data related to the company that could affect shareholders. This includs internally sourced data regarding the company’s financials.

The company is communicating to a scientifically skilled target group, therefore science background is meriting.

If you are interested please submitt your CV to Application I you have questions, contact Jan Friberg, 0705-871228 or email